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.you only live once but if you do it right once is enough.
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Curves Next 4 Miles

The prettiest thing I ever did see, saving for a special occasion. 

Eva Kosmos Flores

Hello everybody. Let’s check these incredible designers who are in Curitiba / Brazil. With a folk style, these designers make excellent handmade products.

Let’s admit at this point the Ancient Greeks and the Renaissance Italians would FLIP.THEIR.SHIT over street art. Bernini would have entire blocks of cities painted to a centralized theme converging on one building. Michelangelo would cover entire banks in paintings of men’s ankles. Leonardo would have geometric whiplash all over the place. They would carve marble statues and incorporate those statues into the design of the graffiti. 
It is utter nonsense to have cities full of grey rectangles and boxes and yet to maintain a social attitude that street art and graffiti creates a distasteful environment.